GPS Offender Tracking - Monitoring and Management

The PAL Monitoring Center

Through our patents and our proprietary technology, The PAL Monitoring Center stands alone in its ability to locate and to help individuals in their time of need. PAL Operators are response specialists that are trained to handle the specific needs of each customer, whether they are seniors, family members, or supervising officers.

Orange County Monitoring Solutions

The PAL Family of Products receives data from the GPS satellites. This data is continuously being sent to our PAL Monitoring Center. With our proprietary technology and state-of-the-art equipment, a PAL Operator can acquire and track the location of an individual, vehicle or even an entire fleet.

Once connected, a PAL Operator knows your name, where you live and even your medical history. When an offender is in violation of their restrictions, an alarm is set off, informing the PAL Operator of the situation. With an unlimited capacity the PAL Monitoring Center is ready at any time to handle any situation.

Using the Offender Monitoring Center is like giving each parole officer a team of around-the-clock assistants. By utilizing secure Web-based technology, the TrackerPAL solution allows authorized law enforcement officers the ability to perform their jobs from any place they can access the Internet.

The combination of satellite-tracking and global-mapping capabilities with 24X7 two-way cellular communications creates an unbeatable proposition to help prevent future crimes. In other words, the TrackerPAL solution is really an example of technology making the world a safer place for all of us.

If you would like a Personal Tour of our PAL Monitoring Center call: 866-940-TRAC

The TrackerPAL is the world’s most advanced active real-time GPS tracking device that incorporates Voice communications. The TrackerPAL is so advanced it holds seven patents! (Pictured with the optional “Wrist watch” voice communicator for discrete conversations)